søndag den 29. maj 2011

lots of movies !

well its a long time since I written anything, but that does not mean that I have not been to the cinema! so now I will write a half short version of what I thought about films. the films are Scream 4, Thor, and  pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides. 

lets start with scream 4 

of all the horror series there are scream is my absolute favorite its totally nostalgia and the are things there always happens like the killer always come back and thats make it fun to watch. there is 10 years between movies No 3 and No 4 movie and it meant the chance to destroy the film was huge,  if the rules were not respected and the old faction music and the fact the killer is  only human and thats makes him/her really clumsy at times, if there make it only to make lots of money, that would be a heartbreaker ! BUT its was so great ! the plot was brilliant and it really surprised you at the end and more than some the other movies. the music was great and there was so many great kills ! there took a lot of thinks from movie one so cindy could be really scared. and in this one know one is sure how survive ! 

it gets 4 stars from me   

Thor !

well well well its gonna be really toff to rate this movie there is so much eye candy that you pay more attention to the hot guys... ore well i did but the day i was in the cinemaxx i had the most evil hangover ever xD but i will do my best. I think the movie was very much worth to watch its was it was entertaining and very funny sometimes also a little sad ore I thought it was, loki was really good to look miserable ..... and 'why the fuck is he named loki and not Loke. the Norse mythology is from Scandinavia and I'm from Denmark which is pretty much a part of Scandinavia and here and in the rest of scandinavia is his Loke! not loki! it's just awful ! but the actor who plays loki is Awesome its a long time i've seen such a sexy beautiful man man ! and he is young to....... WOW this is serious hahaha thor is also a sexy man but not a all on the same level as loki. i did not see this movie in 3D and i didn't fell i was missing out on something but the movie is really beautiful and fun and hey anthony hopkins is odin thats a win win is great to see  a friday night with friends.

3½ stars      

Pirats 4

well if you like the others the chance you will like this is great, its pretty much you seen one you seen em all, the humor is the same and all. i think sometimes the fighting just keep on going and going and you just think WE GET THE POINT MOVE ON. the cool part in this film is there are mermaids and there are so evil and pretty thats great. but this film is pretty much same same as the others well film no. 1 is a classic but the others then. its really just a fine movie its not surprising in any way but hey its pirates if there make a no. 5 I go see it to i dont know why its pretty stupid.  just a hint if you go see it stay after the last text there comes a clip.

i gets 2½ stars  

lørdag den 23. april 2011

True Grit !

well i know Im 100 years to late but Tarh darrh! Know i have seen it on the last day it was going in the cinema xD i think I already came out on Blue-Ray and DVD in America. But I really liked it, its was a cozy action movie if you can put it liked that? Hmm it’s like Jurassic park lots of action and fun but also a cozy and a nice movie to but on if you need a break ore something to watch while drawing ore doing homework. The cast was really brilliant and such funs humor the thinks Jeff and matt says to each other is just to save, and laugh about it when you remember it again:'D the little girl as really kicking ass oh my gward she awesome! Only minus is the ending, i didn't fancy it. It was like that the films opened up know to stop a really good place, but then they started on something new as a new chapter that was meant last long but then stopped it after 10 minutes, and i was like WHAT THE HELL! hehe it was not a bad bad ending but it was unnecessary.

søndag den 10. april 2011

mao's last dancer !

  so know that i have seen Mao's last dance i can tell you its an amazing beautiful movie! but if you don't know anything about China's "new" history ( 1960-1990 ) its gonna be a little toff to understand some of the things. there happens. a lot of things that don't get explained doing the move, but if there have to explain Chinas political problems and all the mao stuff it was gonna be some hell of a long movie ;D  you have to like ballet, funny enough when its a movie about it, but what Im trying to say its not like black swan where there is a lot of ballet but its not the important part of the history. this movie is literally a movie about ballet.

i really love that Im not familiar with any the actors its like a new boost. and not like same old same old, all those famous actors there in the same kind of movies all the time its nice with some new people to look at. i find it a little hard to rate the movie, I really like it and all its an fantastic movie and i really think its worth seeing in the theater, but i feel like U.S.A is putting it a little in black and white, and saying China is bad America is good, and i really feel like its not right to do and make China the evil one. we have all herd some not so nice thinks about china but most of us dont know anything about china, this month me and my history class have been reading of hole lot about china and my feeling around it is just give em time its a really old country and its hard just to change on a coin xD              

 Brunch ! 

today me and my friend kit was out shopping to make a big lovely brunch with bacon an all. xD the weather in denmark has been really low the past six month but today the sun just came by and gave us 18 degrees, its was so nice that we whent out buying ice creme and brunch, by the time we came home and had make our food we went out on by balcony to eat´but end up laying down resy of the day and trying to get just a little brown ^-^    

mandag den 28. marts 2011

Mao's Last Dance !

on Thursday I'm going to see mao's last dance in cinemaxx's girls night out, i am wery exited. because I think it will be a great cry movie. it looks so amazing and it is also based on real eventsso I must remember a lot of kleenex, it's also super bonus that I love ballet. think Ballet it's a really beautiful dance style  ^-^ 

 here is a small taste of what the film is going to be about

same Thursday I also go out and buy a camera, I've really been looking forward to getting a properly Camara for ages, my old one is really bad D; and I really love to take pictures of all sorts of stupid things, my food and myself while I make strange grimaces,,, but I will of course also take beautiful pictures of nature and happy people around the world and a lot of animals i really love them, but my camera gonna be a Nikon D3100, the Camera man i was talking to said it was a perfect start op, it not that expensive and got 14,2 megapixel and a Full HD recorder ! thats nice. original i was gonna buy a Canon but Nikon is fine and it bout are old professional cameras, so its fine as long its not some new crap  xD     

thats the camera I'm gonna buy and if you like to se some of my old pictures watch my deviantart